The 19-year-old girl is very beautiful.

Hello, friends, All of you are warmly welcome in our channel and if you do not follow our channel yet, then follow our channel first and stay connected with us for the latest news.Friends, today we will tell you about a very beautiful actress. She is a Telugu model and actress; Whose names are Neelam Bhanushali she has appeared in Hindi films as well as in some of the movies in Telugu.Neelam Bhanushali started her career as a model in 2011 when she was born in Mumbai. After that, she started his debut film in 2012 with Kiran Kumar, Ayub Khan, Deepshikha, Rakesh Khan and Viju Khote.Friends, today we want to share some hot photos of this model with you and hope you like this hot photo and if you like this avatar of this model then please do more shares so that our other friends also Can view this post

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