IBM presents the world’s smallest computer

At the time of 2018 conference, IBM has represented that what has been hailed as “the world’s smallest computer”, a unit that measures just 1mm x 1mm, which is about the size of a grain of salt. They also conclude that they were starts working on "the world's smallest computer" to improve its overall performance. The new prototype device which was made up of unbreakable substance, which is fully standalone, is composed of several hundred thousand transistors running at time, a live memory usage as storage and a photovoltaic power supply. 

Speaking at the company's first conference, which is expected to attract 40,000 people from across the world in only three days. The main thing which attract more people is that its small size. Each of these computers will have the processing power of a 1990s x86 desktop. Not surprisingly the devices will not offer exceptional performance due to it's small size, but will be sufficient to record blockchain data.

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