Ntc Launches Spring Offer For Several Data Packs, Voice Packs And More

Ntc (Nepal Telecom) has introduced Spring offer for its customers. Recently Ntc has become aggressive in launching different offers and packs. They have recently launched their anniversary offers where they have announced this spring offer to come later. Ntc spring offer include several data packs, voice packs, social media packs, streaming packs and more. This offer is valid from Magh 25, 2074 to Baishak 25, 2075. Here are the packs in the Ntc spring offer for its mobile service.

All time data packs

Ntc makes all time packs available in the spring offer. This all time pack is for GSM, CDMA prepaid and postpaid subscribers. They are adding 14 percent bonus to the existing data packs. Here are the some of the data packs from Rs 10 to Rs 300 for different volume and validity.
S.NNtc spring all time data packData volumePriceValidityData rate per MB
123 MB pack23 MBRs 103 days0.43
269 MB pack69 MBRs 257 days0.36
3143 MB pack143 MBRs 5014 days0.35
4456 MB pack456 MBRs 10028 days0.22
5969 MB pack969 MBRs 20028 days0.2
61710 MB pack1710 MBRs 30028 days0.17

Night data packs

The spring offer also include night data packs for GSM CDMA prepaid and postpaid users. This night data packs also adds 14 percent extra bonus to the existing data packs. The night data packs also ranges from Rs 15 to Rs 300 with different data volume and validity. The cheapest data tariff for this night data pack is 4 paisa per MB for the Rs 300 pack. All of the night data packs in Ntc spring offer include.

S.NNtc spring Night data packsData volumePriceValidityData rate per MB
1171 MB pack171 MBRs 153 days0.09
2570 MB pack570 MBRs 457 days0.08
31368 MB pack1368 MBRs 9014 days0.065
43503 MB pack3503 MBRs 20028 days0.057
57588 MB pack7588 MBRs 30028 days0.04

Ntc Social Media packs.

Ntc social media packs include data packs for the social medias Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp. All of those social medias are owned by Facebook. The different range of social media packs in Ntc spring offer are:
S.NNtc social media packsPriceValidityData rate per MB
157 MB packRs 123 days0.21
2126 MB packRs 257 days0.198
3263 MB packRs 5014 days0.19
4570 MB packRs 10028 days0.175
51254 MB packRs 20028 days0.16

Data streaming packs

The data streaming packs is for GSM prepaid and postpaid customers for YouTube and WOWTIME app streaming. There are three different packs in data streaming packs
  • 1368 MB at Rs 115 for 21 days
  • 912 MB at Rs 80 for 14 days
  • 456 MB at Rs 45 for 7 days

SMS pack

There is also a SMS pack for GSM and CDMA prepaid and postpaid subscribers. It will give 60 SMS pack at Rs 12 for 5 days. There is 60 bonus SMS in the package which will altogether make 120 SMS at Rs 12.

Ntc 4G data packs

Ntc 4G data packs for this offer include different volume and validity packs. This offer is only valid for Ntc 4G service. The different 4G packs are as follows.
  • 35 MB at Rs 12 for 3 days
  • 228 MB at Rs 50 for 7 days
  • 570 MB at Rs 100 for 14 days
  • 1368 MB at Rs 200 for 28 days
  • 2280 MB at Rs 300 for 28 days
  • 4104 MB at Rs 500 for 28 days

All time voice packs

All time voice packs are valid for CDMA and GSM prepaid, postpaid subscribers. Which includes.
  • 11 minute voice at Rs 10 for a day
  • 30 minute voice pack at Rs 25 for 3 days
  • 75 minutes voice pack at Rs 50 for 5 days
  • 200 minutes voice pack at Rs 100 for 10 days
  • 410 minutes voice pack at Rs 200 for 28 days
  • 650 minutes voice pack at Rs 300 for 30 days
  • 1200 minute voice pack at Rs 550 for 60 days.

Night voice packs

The night voice packs include 70 minutes voice pack at Rs 10 for 3 days and 250 minutes voice pack at Rs 25 for 7 days. This pack is only valid for the period 10 pm to 6 am.
Verdict: This time, Ntc has brought a lot of offers to its customers. It has just been three days since they have launched their anniversary offer. Although it seems they are working so hard to attract customers for their offers and services, It is so confusing for people to remember any packages. In comparison to Ncell, this offer is too haphazard. Regardless of saying that, if they are able to include all of these offers to their offer portal and the *1415#, then who needs to remember the code and the packs volume or minutes. They can easily subscribe by looking in the portal or the menu of USSD.
Tell us what do you think of the Ntc spring offer for the mobile service.

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