Charging Your Mobile Phone within 5 Seconds? Unbelievable!


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We have seen lots of improvement with better technologies in mobile charging. Most technologies are made to save the charging time. We have also seen the technology behind full charge within 12 minutes. What if I let you know that a technology has just arrived to charge your mobile device within seconds. Unbelievable right? 

This happend when a team of Chinese material and engineering scientists from Zhejiang University have developed a new type of aluminum-graphene battery that can be charged in seconds, instead of minutes or hours! The team, led by professor Gao Chao, from Department of Polymer Science and Engineering of Zhejiang University, designed a battery using graphene films as anode and metallic aluminum as cathode. Material and engineering researchers at East China's Zhejiang University said recently that they have developed a novel aluminum-graphene battery that is more cold-resistant, can work in temperatures ranging from -40 C to 120 C and is less flammable.

The battery, which has a positive pole made up of graphene thin film and a negative pole of aluminum, can retain 91 percent of its capacity even after 250,000 charge/discharge circles, a marked improvement compared with the lithium battery. If a smartphone used such a super battery, it would last up to 70 years without losing its capacity, even with 10 charges every day. In terms of charging time, the super battery, when used by a smartphone, could be charged in 5 seconds and used as long as two hours, the research team said. 

The assembled battery also works well in temperatures range of minus 40 to 120 degrees Celsius. It can be folded, and does not explode when exposed to fire.

However, according to Gao, the aluminum-ion battery can not compete with commonly-used Li-ion batteries in terms of energy density, or the amount of power you can store in a battery in relation to the size and in quick charge mode, the battery can be fully charged in 1.1 seconds. The finding was detailed in a paper recently published in Science Advances.

"It is still costly to make such battery. Commercial production of the battery can only be possible until we can find cheaper electrolyte," Gao said. The team said there is a long way ahead, with many obstacles to overcome before commercialization. They also said that the “super” battery is inferior to the lithium battery in terms of energy intensity. Once commercial production begins, the battery could be fully charged in 5 seconds and then last for two hours.

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