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Hello Everyone, This is Binod Bhandari . I have created a comparision between Qualcomm and MediaTek Processor. This is my first thread i have written myself. If any mistakes please correct it i am also a learner.

Everyone has a doubt when they are buying a smartphone whether to use Qualcomm or MediaTek Processor . Two Facts that i know.

Fact 1: When compared to both Qualcomm is a old and big company and when we talk about smartphones they are globally number one.
Fact 2 : MediaTek Asian Market specifically south asian market share are very high.
Qualcomm= Intel 
MediaTek = AMD

When you are buying a smartphone ranging from 7 to 10K value for money and good performance as compared to Qualcomm. If you want to buy a smartphone more than 15K + then you will get a Qualcomm Processor if you found a MediaTek also you should not take simple fact is Qualcomm is expensive than MediaTek. MediaTek is the highest and the best processor both are like similar . 

If we are talking about flagship Qualcomm flagship is much better than MediaTek flagship . If we are talking about high budget range Qualcomm doesnt have more options the one's we have are not that popular as compared to MediaTek . Qualcomm has its advanced methods and techniques and it improves arm design cortex a53,a57,a72 MediaTek doesnt change anything they manufacture Quad core, Octa Core, Deca Core, etc frequency run so that we can see in the market that is the performance is best. But Qualcomm works intelligently they improve the performance and battery life and decrease heating. 

When comparing both MediaTek Processor gets heat and battery life less and has a 2.2 Ghz Octa core, Deca Core. Everyone studies specifications and think this is a nice phone does not see which technology has been made they dont know that when comparing to Qualcomm MediaTek is not good. But the fact is if you want a budget less phone suppose Le 1S when compared with Redmi Note 3 which has Snapdragon 650. While Le1S is running Helio X10. If you are comparing budget phone you have to take MediaTek but it will heat faster and less battery life. 

If you want a good compatible phone. Some games are not well optimized and not compatible For Mali GPU and not popular among Developer. If you are talking about high end phone go for Qualcomm. It was a simple comparision. If low budget mediatek and if you have high budget go for Qualcomm. Reason is that Qualcomm processing technology is high tech RMD is hightech improve design and efficiency. Where as MediaTek only Performance.

Thank You...

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