What is the most important feature when you buy a new phone?

All smartphone companies want to know what is the most important feature that you consider when you purchase a new smartphone? Manufacturers are making the smartphones bigger and faster with great quality displays, amazing cameras and 4G capabilities but what is it that matters most to the customer? 

But what are the essentials? What does a smartphone need to win your hard-earned cash? Here's rankings of the most important smartphone features...

1.  Battery

    All users want their smartphones to last throughout the day (and even longer), otherwise what’s the use of having all the new features in the phone if the battery dies in the middle of the day.

2.  Processor

     Most people want a smooth and fast performance out of their smartphone, and they believe having a fast processor will give them faster performing smartphone. So most people look at the processor as a major deciding factor while purchasing a new smartphone.

3.  Camera
      Most people do not want to carry a separate camera anymore because today’s smartphones are so handy, they always have it with them and they shoot great photos and videos. Editing photos and videos and sharing it from a smartphone is a lot easier than from normal camera. Hence camera also made it to the list of the most important factors while purchasing a new smartphone.

4.  Display
     Size of the display in a smartphone changes with the size of the phone or vice versa, but this is an important factor that people consider when they purchase a new smartphone. Some people prefer smaller displays because smartphones with smaller displays are ideal for single-handed use, whereas some people choose larger display smartphones because larger displays are better for gaming and watching videos.

With the display sizes of smartphones growing bigger day by day, pixel density per inch is increasing, processors with higher and higher GHz are being introduced and cameras with great optics and higher resolution are being added to the smartphones, But what users really need is a superb battery that can power all these features throughout the day.

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