How much storage is enough?

4K videos, AAA games, lossless music, things add up quickly and if the result is more gigabytes than you have in your phone, then you have to do the cursed “storage shuffle” dance.

Sure, a microSD card slot can tilt things in your favor but those are far less common today than a few years ago. Plus, flash storage prices have been falling recently, so how come there are still plenty of 16GB and 32GB phones around?

The worst thing about this is that it’s not a one time concern, but instead something to think about each time you upgrade. Each new phone has to have equal more more storage capacity, otherwise the transition will mean saying goodbye to some of the content you’re used to having on hand.

Some makers (cough Apple) make the choice even harder because they lack granularity in their lineup. 64GB or 256GB, those are your choices for an iPhone 8. And it’s a $150 upgrade too. Why not a $75 upgrade to 128GB?

Then there’s the actual data transfer. It could be as simple as popping out the microSD card (not for Apple, of course) and putting it into the new phone. Or it could involve a USB cable and a PC.

So, how much is enough? We think a microSD card (or one day, a UFS card) is a must on 16GB-32GB phones, good to have at 64GB and less and less important going up. 

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