Ncell testing 4G in Kathmandu.

When Nepal Telecom is all geared up to launch 4G in Kathmandu and Pokhara from Jan 1, 2017, Ncell is also known to be testing 4G here in Kathmandu. It was in July that both the operators have asked the regulator to approve for operating 4G. 

This was done only after the approval of new frequency policy 2073 that includes technology neutrality in 1800 MHz. It is only Nepal Telecom that have got the license to operate 4G in 1800 MHz. Due to uncleared dues after Ncell acquisition by Axiata, NTA did not provide the 4G license. Ncell have already submitted their roll-out plan for 4G. So NTA can approve their roll-out plan for Ncell 4G any time soon.
Nepal Telecom had also tested their 4G network, before the launching so as to assure the smooth operation in the two cities. They had done it only after getting the 4G license approval from NTA. There is no any news regarding the approval of Ncell 4G license but they are known to be testing the new technology.
Nepal Telecom is the first operator to launch 4G in the country. But it is known that Ncell will soon follow suit. Some Ncell Subscribers even mentioned to us that Ncell sent SMS, for not to switch to Nepal Telecom as they will soon bring 4G to them.
If we have two 4G networks in Nepal, it is beneficial to the customers due to the competition and price war. They may bring 4G to more cities and areas  and being a private operator. They can surely bring those required 4G equipment very promptly as compared to Nepal Telecom, the government owned operator. What Ncell is doing now, without getting 4G license is not ethical and violates the healthy competition among the operators.
We found out Ncell 4G network shown in our phone, when search the available networks in our area. Here is the snapshot of the Ncell 4G network shown.

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