Introducing MIUI Alarm app! What new features do you want in next update?

Well, let me start off with a saying that "There are really nothing much to add to the Alarm app", here are my reasonings:

1. Repeated alarm settings with details to it.
In the Alarm panel, by clicking the "+" button in the bottom-right corner to enter "Set Alarm" settings. In here, detailed customizable parameters can be set by users in different scenarios, such as alarm occurrence times: Once, Daily, Workdays (Alarm off during holidays), Off days (Alarm off during workdays) or Custom.


2. Optional Ringtones. Ringtone Libraries frequently updated  
In the alarm settings, MIUI also enriches Ringtone libraries. Not only there are local Ringtones to choose from, our MIUI Ringtone libraries also frequently updated. Every day will be lightened up with the Ringtone of your choice!


3. Automated Deletion of Temporary Alarm Scenario .

This feature currently only exists in the Developer ROM. When this feature enabled, Temporary Alarm Scenario will be automatically deleted after the Alarm activated. No more unuseful Alarm Scenarios in the Alarm Panel.


4. Alarm Remarks
There is always be a cause for set an alarm, users often forget about it. The alarm remarks feature is designed to remind users with the cause of an alarm setting. 


5. Detailed Alarm info in the Notification Bar
Prior to the Alarm, there will be a notification displayed in the Notification Bar, where the alarm can be turned off in case it is no longer needed.


As one of the indispensable MIUI apps in our daily life, there still will be some minor adjustments in the Alarm app. What will the Alarm app look like in the future MIUI? Shall we wait and see...

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