High Quality Audio: Is it an important feature in smartphones?

As long as smartphones acquire better specs, they get uses which used to be considered in the past as the exclusives of other devices. This is happening for photos, mobile videogames, and music too.


The presence of a 3.5 mm jack (  ) (or usb type-C), the discrete amount of storageavailable, and the quite decent quality of reproduction, have made it possible to exchange these devices with those which are born just for music reproduction; even if the performances, in many cases, cannot be comparable. T
he quality used to be the main bias; fortunately, recent smaprtphones are often equipped with high quality audio modules. For example, talking about Xiaomi, we should cite the Mi Note with Hi-Fi quality, able to guarantee great music performance with headphones.

Mi Note's successor, the Mi Note 2, comes with a dedicated processor, which can offer an HDaudio quality.


Other smartphones, which have not a dedicated processor, can count on the performance of the newest Qualcomm processors, like theSnapdragon 820 and 821; and this is the case of the fantastic Xiaomi Mi MIX, with its ability to reproduce HD audio too.


Anyway, tell us about your experience! Do you think high quality audio should be implemented in every smartphone?

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