Windows phone VS android phone

Its a very difficult situation to choose when we are buying a tablet that has Windows and Android as its OS. Windows and Android has its own pros and cons. So for a user who plans to buy a tablet needs to think twice which one should satisfy his needs. Let's consider the case of Windows.


Windows for tablet is now much more powerful with the latest release of Windows 10, which supports Touch based inputs. The most attractive feature of a Windows 10 tablet is that it can run almost all applications. But some of the applications are still not designed for touch enabled devices. So it will be hard for users to use those applications without the use of a keyboard, mouse, or a stylus, which is not practical always. Multitasking in Windows tabs is really easy. Users can run many apps at the same time in Windows. Also to attain the true performance of Windows 10 tablets, the screen size needs to be above 8 inch, which makes it more costly. 

We can use the Windows 10 easily on an 8 inch tablet like Mi Pad 2, but to get maximum performance of Windows 10, a screen size of 8+ inch is preferable. Also windows tablets are now becoming more popular than the laptops because of its portability and other features. One of the drawback of Windows tablets is the lack of availability of Apps in the Windows Store, which makes Android tablets a little more stronger. The Windows store needs to be evolved a lot in this case.


Android is one of the most popular OS for smartphones by the users all over the world. The Google playstore with millions of apps makes Android tablets rich in app availability. Android tabs are relatively cheaper than Windows tabs. Even though there are large number of android apps in the google play store, the apps that are fully designed for tablet view is less. Also multitasking in not that much good as that of the Windows tablets. The main advantage of android tabs is that it does not need the use of a mouse or stylus for its normal usage. One of the main disadvantage of Android is that it can't run legacy apps like that of Windows tabs. 

So both Android and Windows Tabs has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it's up to the users to select the one, for their needs. With the latest release of Anniversary update in Windows 10 it has become more advanced than before. Also Android has introduced Android N which are having several awesome features too.

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